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Sport Elec

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Sport Elec Tensiometro...

Tensiometro electronico EL tensiometro electronico Sport-elec permite que nos tomemos la tensión tranquilamente en casa. Sport Elec Tensiometro electroni

Toothbrush rechargeable

12 electrodes, round, 50mm 12 adhesive electrodes round 50 mm adaptable to all types of equipment from electro-muscle-building. 12 electrodos redondos 50mm
€25.00 €19.95

Sport Elec Cream...

Cream electroconductora Cream electroconductora Sport Elec compatible with any brand of eslectroestimuladores. Crema electroconductora
€15.00 €12.95

Sport Elec Mirror institute

Mirror institute Mirror institute Sport Elec with 5 increases, Aro light and drawer integrated. Espejo instituto
€30.00 €19.95

Sport Elec Epilator Bikini

Epilator Bikini Sport Elec Epilator Bikini will provide you with a clean-shaven precise without irritation of the skin, thanks to its head-shave hypoallergenic. Depiladora Bikini
€25.00 €17.95

Sport Elec Lady Shaver

Lady Shaver The epilator Lady Shaver ML 226 is the ideal solution to get a flawless result in a record time. Lady Shaver
€18.00 €14.95

Sport Elec Epilator Gold &...

Epilator gold & caress Thanks to technology, Sport-elec Institut, the epilator gold & caress removes more hair in a single pass. Depiladora gold & caress
€50.00 €39.95

Lot 4 brushes

Lot 4 brushes Lot of 4 cepillitas replacement for the Toothbrush rechargeable Lote 4 cepillos
€11.00 €9.95

Sport Elec Mirror beauty

Mirror beauty Sport Elec Mirror beauty, mirror acrylic Sport-elec Institut MO 62 DM is composed of an innovative material Sport Elec Espejo belleza
€45.00 €29.95

Set manicure pedicure

Set manicure pedicure Set manicure pedicure. Hands and feet are often the great forgotten in terms of the care of our body. Set manicura pedicura
€30.00 €24.95

Toothbrush rechargeable

Toothbrush rechargeable Toothbrush rechargeable: what a dazzling smile! Whiter teeth the natural way. His smile says it all. What better way to get whiter teeth naturally, using the toothbrush rechargeable Sport-elec Institut BADR1. Cepillo de dientes recargable
€22.00 €14.95

Toothbrush rechargeable

16 Electrodes 89 x 50 mm 16 adhesive electrodes rectangular 89x50 mm adaptable to all types of equipment from electro-muscle-building. 16 Electrodos 89 x 50 mm
€30.00 €24.95

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