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Desigual Bag Ginko Dance

Desigual Bag Ginko Dance <p><strong>Desigual Bag Ginko Dance</strong> we want to be practical, we want it to be beautiful, we want it to be for sport, but for much more.</p> Desigual 18wqxw09
€19.95 -30% €13.97

Uneven Court Velvet

Uneven Court Velvet <p>Running shoes Lifestyle <strong>Uneven Court Velvet</strong> tone-on-tone Uneven.</p> Desigual CouVel
€59.95 -30% €41.97

Uneven Geopatch 2

Uneven Court Velvet <p>Running shoes Lifestyle <strong>Uneven Geopatch</strong> carry the style with a lot of sportsmanship.</p> Desigual Geopatch
€69.95 -30% €48.97

Uneven Ginko Dance

Uneven Ginko Dance <p>Running shoes Lifestyle <strong>Uneven Ginko Dance</strong> the day-to-day is a choreography to go well footwear.</p> Desigual Gin Dan
€75.95 -30% €53.17

Uneven Art&Thread

Uneven Art&Thread <p>Running shoes Lifestyle <strong>Uneven Art&amp;Thread</strong> together a shoe retro with DNA Uneven: White background and round shapes tennis, we add an embroidered Arty bespunteado in thread purple all over the shoe, which gives it a more current and contemporary.</p> Desigual Art&Thread
€59.95 -30% €41.97

Uneven X-Lite Blue

<p>Sports shoes Desigual X-Lite Blue, lightweight and flexible, with grid breathable and print very trendy.</p> Desigual X-Lite Azul
€69.95 -30% €48.97

Desigual Bolsa Yoga Gym Bag...

Desigual Bag Yoga Gym Bag Ngarden <p>Sport bag Desigual Yoga Gym Bag Ngarden blue medium-print, handles and removable strap. Zipper closure.</p> Desigual 17WXRW245149U
€55.95 -35% €36.37

Desigual Slipon Metamorph

Uneven Slipon Metamorph <p>Running shoes Lifestyle sports Uneven Slipon Metamorph light and flexible with a patterned tone-on-tone and elastic closure.</p> Desigual 17WKRW23
€59.95 -35% €38.97

Desigual Upper Ribstop Dark...

<p>Running shoes Lifestyle sports Uneven Upper Ribstop Dark Denim, light and flexible.everyday comfort with a modern design, is so light that there will be no distacias.</p> Desigual 17WKRW22
€69.95 -35% €45.47

Desigual Speed Luxury

Uneven Speed Luxury Running shoes Uneven Speed Luxury sports comfortable, simple and made with breathable materials. Desigual Speed Luxury
€69.95 -30% €48.97

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