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Sports Masks Lurbel Mask Face Sports Masks Lurbel Mask Face Sports Masks Lurbel Mask Face
Sports Masks Lurbel Mask Face

Lurbel Mask Face

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In relation to the pandemic COVID19, we have to change some of the habits that we have developed as a society. One of the most effective measures to stop the pandemic is the physical distance of another person that we must distinguish of social distance. This along with the washing of hands always is the correct choice for the control of multiple infectious diseases.

On the other hand, the role of sport is essential in the prevention of diseases as it is a potent anti-inflammatory and prepares us properly to any aggression, always and when it is done outside of high competition as you can read here.

Now, what we need to do some sport with a mask?

At the present time it is necessary to use mask in indoor environments, because we can find asymptomatic people with the ability to transmit the coronavirus. This has been evident during the pandemic of COVID19 for what is likely to be mandatory their use in closed environments. This mask should, at least, to prevent the person without symptoms can transmit the virus, so they will be choosing the surgical masks or filtering capacity of the high that prevent a subject to eject droplets to the outside. In the event that two people faced bear mask, the probability of contagion, one of them being positive, low level of 1.5%, and if you leave 2m of distance is practically non-existent.

Go ahead that, in the current context, no one should make sport in the open air, or interact with other people if you have a box catarrhal acute.

Do I have to wear a mask when you do sport?

If your mask allows you to force the ventilation, that is to say “squeeze” and you can breathe almost normally, you don't wear a mask, take a piece of cloth or paper without any filtering capability. All the masks are effective to limit the entry of air flow when this is high, so that should not be recommending the use of masks with high-order filtering during the practice of sports. It is possible to increase the partial pressure of carbon dioxide, so that it can appear headache, dizziness, and numbness. Best not to try.

But there is a small “protocol” in the form of a decalogue that we can use:

1. Use a mask with a high filtering while you heat up or perform exercises of mobilization in areas with a high density of people, be they parks or streets of your city. After exiting the car put on the mask to hold a conversation with due to distance, or to greet those persons that a long time ago that you don't see.

2. Once the activity has started sports retíratela and always keep the safety distance. It is much more important to the distance that the mask, because the mask if not filtered properly, it does not have some features according to what is established in royal decree 1591/2009 and are governed by the european standard UNE-en 14683, will give us a false sense of security and we will be in risk to a likely positive. In short distances with two people wearing masks homemade or commercial little filter, if one of the two is positive, the risk of contagion is real. That is why it is more safe not to wear anything and to respect the safety distance.

3. This safety distance must be greater in motion and taking into account the environmental characteristics and the land on which you move. Try to leave to walk at least 5 meters and a bike that they are 10 at least.

4. If you see a runner coming from the front towards you, slowing down the pace with a time for your breathing to be slower and stand to sit with him. Salúdale with enough distance, and a gesture is worth, and you can both turn your head so that your breath is in the opposite sense to the other person and even make a apnea of a few seconds. If the two do the same thing the chance of infection is virtually nil.

5. If you have to sneeze or clear secretions, make sure that no one is in your radio and do it the way the wind to keep him away from the path on which to tread. Always checks to see if there is someone around.

6. In case you have to urinate do it out of the way and a bit far away, because the virus can remain for up to 2 days in urine. In the same way, try that the wind does not carry droplet of urine into traffic zones.

7. You can always take your mask with you and, in case you want to stop to see some sights or have a problem such as tie your shoelaces or any other contingency, you can put it on while. That way you'll be much more secure and give safety to others.

8. Remember not to touch any object on the road, as the greater part of transmission is by the hands. Not encourage or condone the use of gloves by the false sense of security.

9. When you're done or you're cooling, you can go back to get the mask since you'll be “quiet”. It is the time to comment or to share it with the proper distance the anecdotes of the output.

10. Remember that your shoes can vehiculizar the virus. Leave them out of the house, or prepares a cloth with diluted bleach to tread and sterilize. In the same way, wash your sports clothes following the recommendations in this case without the use of bleach.

The goal is to reduce the circulation of viruses and in that way end up with infection. You must use mask reliable in closed places or in contact with people, but much more important is to keep the safety distance. This distance is sometimes not possible to maintain (elevators, rooms, narrow paths, etc.) so that the mask is approved is important.

In places open to the open air, you can bypass it safely by keeping a few precautions based on physical distance of safety.

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Lurbel Mask Face
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