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Accessories Heart Rate Monitors-Altimeters

Accessories heart rate monitors-Altimeters, Here you have the complete range of Accessories for your Pulsimeter and altimeters, straps, batteries....... you can change it yourself without sending to the technical service.

Accessories Heart Rate Monitors-Altimeters

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Strap, Suunto Core White

Strap, Suunto Core White The strap is suitable for all models Suunto Core. Correa Suunto Core Blanco
€50.00 -30%€35.00

Correa Suunto Core Flat Black

Correa Suunto Core Flat Black <p>Replacement belt for models of Suunto Core. </p> Correa Suunto Core Flat Black SS
€40.00 -30%€28.00

Strap Suunto Core Light black

Suunto Strap Core Light black <p>Replacement belt for models of Suunto Core.</p> Suunto SS013337000
€40.00 -30%€28.00

Suunto PC Pod

Suunto PC Pod <p>You can use the Suunto PC POD to download the data recorded in the memory of your Suunto t3 or t4. PC POD used with the <a target="_blank" href=""></a> it is a perfect tool for users of heart rate monitors Suunto t3 and Suunto t4 that want to store data from your workouts.</p> Suunto PC Pod
€70.00 -30%€49.00