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    Health and beauty

    Health and Beauty

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    Sport-Elec Massage...

    Sport-Elec Massage Precision Vibrant <p>Innovative device <strong>Sport-Elec Massage Precision Vibrating</strong> massage manual accuracy.</p> Sport Elec Mas Pre V

    BH Zentro Max

    BH ZENTRO MAX Massage of feet and legs BH ZENTRO MAX is the ideal massage for your feet and legs. BH Zentro Max YM921

    BH Summa+

    BH summa+ The massage centre BH summa+ provides you with a complete station of massage that will relax every part of your body in a way simple and pleasurable, thanks to the pressure applied by air. BH Summa+ YM90

    BH Capri

    BH Capri With the chair massage BH Capri M111, you will have the possibility to enjoy a comfortable massage center that can be used as an elegant armchair where you want. BH Capri M111

    BH Image

    BH Image With the chair massage BH Image enjoy an understated and elegant sofa traditional which hides in its interior the latest technology in massage. BH Image M200

    BH Prince

    BH Prince The armchair massage BH M400 prince conceals the latest technology in massage under the guise of an armchair an avant-garde design. BH Prince M400

    BH Venice

    BH Venice The massage centre BH M650 venice contemplates the body as a set of meridians, or energy channels, which activated at precise points BH Venice M650

    BH Milan

    BH Milan Massage centre, BH Milan the latest technology in massage centres put at your service to pamper every part of your body and make you reach a state of well-being and tranquility serene that makes you escape from worry. BH Milan M900

    BH Scala

    Massage centre BH Scala With the center of massage or chair massage BH M1200C SCALA, air takes on a new role, is configured as a new concept, thanks to which You will achieve a state of total relaxation. BH Scala M1200C

    Sport Elec Tensiometro -

    Tensiometro - <p>THE tensiometro - Sport-elec allows us to take the tension quietly at home.</p> Sport Elec Tens

    Lot 4 brushes

    Lot 4 brushes Lot of 4 cepillitas replacement for the Toothbrush rechargeable Lote 4 cepillos

    Sport Elec Mirror institute

    Mirror institute <p>Mirror institute Sport Elec with 5 increases, Aro light and drawer integrated.</p> Sport Elec Es insti

    Sport Elec Epilator Bikini

    Epilator Bikini <p>Sport Elec Epilator Bikini will provide you with a clean-shaven precise without irritation of the skin, thanks to its head-shave hypoallergenic.</p> Sport Elect Dep Biki

    Sport Elec Lady Shaver

    Lady Shaver The epilator Lady Shaver ML 226 is the ideal solution to get a flawless result in a record time. Lady Shaver

    Sport Elec Epilator Gold &...

    Epilator gold & caress <p>Thanks to technology, Sport-elec Institut, the epilator gold &amp; caress removes more hair in a single pass.</p> Sport Elec D Go Ca

    Sport Elec Mirror beauty

    Mirror beauty <p>Sport Elec Mirror beauty, mirror acrylic Sport-elec Institut MO 62 DM is composed of an innovative material</p> Sport Elec Esp bell

    Set manicure pedicure

    Set manicure pedicure Set manicure pedicure. Hands and feet are often the great forgotten in terms of the care of our body. Set manicura pedicura

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