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Sleeping bags of Fiber

Sleeping bags of Fiber, here are the best sleeping bags of fiber at the best price, we have sleeping bags of fibre of different qualities, you can look at our catalog.

Sleeping bags of Fiber

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Deuter Atmosphere 550

Deuter Atmosphere 550 <p><span id="desc" class="addReadMore showmorecontent">Sleeping bag <strong>Deuter Atmosphere 550</strong> Deuter cut 3D-comfort provides the perfect balance between the freedom of movement in the upper zone and a good insulation in the lower area.</span></p> Deuter Atmos 550
€249.95 -50%€124.98

Vango Ultralite ll 900

<p>Sleeping bag <strong>Vango Ultralite ll 900</strong> a reference in the market of bags are lightweight, compact, comfortable to wear.</p> Vango Ultralite ll 900
€119.95 -50%€59.98

Sleeping bag Deuter...

Deuter Exospere +2 SL Deuter pamper the women, sleeping bag special for them. The sleeping bag Deuter Exospere +2 SL is a sleeping bag flexible for the perfection of the dream. High range of movements for soothing sleep. Deuter Exospere +2 SL 37600 3310

Sleeping bag Deuter...

Deuter Starlight EXP The rooms for children from Deuter with the sleeping Bag Deuter Starlight EXP. Children of 1.30 to 1.70 meters or less will be kept warm in the sleeping bag Deuter Starlight. Deuter Starlight EXP 37057 0100

Sleeping bag Inesca Micro 100

Sleeping bag Micro 100 <p>Sleeping bag <strong>Inesca Micro 100</strong> type mummy with synthetic filling Diamont Ripstop. Inesca Micro 100 lightweight jacket with great compression.</p> Inesca Micro 100
€69.95 -30%€48.97

Skeches Synergy Ultimatum...

Vango Ultralite ASC 900 Sleeping bag Vango Ultralite ASC 900 a reference in the market of bags are lightweight, compact, comfortable to wear. Vango Ultralite ASC 900
€121.00 -40%€72.60

Sleeping bag Inesca Ribera

Inesca Ribera <p>Sleeping bag <strong>Inesca Ribera</strong> alpine, with new collar heat for better insulation. Inside pocket on collar.</p> Inesca Ribera
€49.95 -30%€34.97