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Compass, Suunto A-20
  • Compass, Suunto A-20
Compass, Suunto A-20
  • Compass, Suunto A-20

Compass, Suunto A-20


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Compass, Suunto A-20 compass is very durable and easy to use, ideal for recreational and sporting use.

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Compass, Suunto A-20 una compass is very durable and easy to use, ideal for recreational and sporting use.

Compasses recreational
The compasses recreational series-is a series of navigation tools, well-designed, practical and easy-to-use that helps in any environment. The four models in the series (A-10, A-20, A-30L and A-40) instruments are compact and high precision, made of acrylic, highly durable, transparent and resistant. The models have been ergonomically designed to fit in the hand and therefore the compasses are easy to use. These compasses light have a scale of correction of the declination is fixed, and a cord with quick lock patented that allows you to separate the compass easily.
About the compass
Compasses mechanical have been used for thousands of years.
Even today, magnetic compasses are ecological, economic, and reliable. The first compass Suunto was built in 1938. A compass of good quality almost never need a repair, it is sufficient to wash it with fresh water from time to time. The compass operates without electricity and receives the energy directly from nature, from the magnetic pole.
Bipolar System
The intensity and the direction of the magnetic field of the earth vary according to the degree of latitude in which we find ourselves and influence in the vertical plane, or tilt, of the needle of the compass. Due to the inclination, compasses must be balanced for the different areas in order to maintain the needle in a horizontal position.
Compasses Suunto had been balanced for five geographical areas. But now, people travel more and grow the need of the use of a compass balanced for a wider area. Thanks to the 'Bipolar System' developed by Suunto compasses have been balanced to operate in two geographical areas - the North and the South. In other words, a compass designed to work in the Northern hemisphere will be able to work up to a certain point in the Southern hemisphere, and vice versa.

• Balanced for northern and/or southern
• Scale for declination correction fixed
• Shaft mounted on ruby
• Scales in cm or inches
• Cord with quick release detachable to be used with maps
• Template symbols for guidance
• Brands phosphorescent at the base, capsule and needle
• Dimensions: 57 x 114 mm
• Weight: 32 g

Technical specifications:

Compass, Suunto A-20

Rule ✓
Compass orientation ✓
Compass transparent base ✓
Cord with quick release detachable ✓
Template of symbols for orientation ✓
Scale for declination correction fixed ✓
Brands phosphorescent ✓

Brujula SS012069013A
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